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Meet Julie

Do you want more out of life but you don’t know what to do? Are experiencing change and uncertain of which way to go? Well, that’s good news! That’s nature saying it’s time to grow. It’s the longing of more life to be expressed by the means of you. Now is your time to be, do, have and give all that you want to. It’s life beckoning you into a fuller, freer, expanded YOU! I believe it is not by accident you are on this page. When we are ready for transformational change we are lead to the right people at the right time.

I am Julie Jones Hamilton and I support you in creating a blueprint for the life you love living filled with deep, caring relationships, vibrant health, financial freedom and creative expression or a fulfilling career. I believe life is supposed to feel good; we are meant to be happy and we are meant to satisfy our dreams. When we align with our core values we discover our purpose and joy in life. I help you discover and uncover the path to your full potential and support you in creating the structures to make welcome a life filled with abundance and joy.

For twenty-three years I have had the privilege to inspired thousands of women and families in dependency and beyond and by supporting others in empowerment, personal freedom and potential. I am a highly trained consultant specializing in global transformation principles and human development after traversing and navigating through personal success and extreme failure. I work with individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs to accelerate success, create results and build dreams by teaching how to apply a technology, which turns defeating failures or roadblocks into stepping-stones of soaring success. I offer resources, memberships and a wide range of life changing courses, programs, seminars, retreats and workshops.

I live in Lexington Kentucky and Newport Beach, California with my amazing husband, two married daughters, a son and three grandsons, who are my passion.

I offer resources and a wide variety of life changing programs, seminars, retreats and workshops. CALL or email today for YOUR complimentary initial coaching session and eBook! Julie@juliejonesHamilton.com , I am loving to work with you!